South Park and LSD

I always knew it. This is what happens with being a depressed teenager in American suburbia. You do Acid.

What am I talking about? Page Six reports that the two creators of South Park (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) have admitted to dropping LSD while preparing to go on the red carpet for the 2000 Oscars. You might recall that that is the same event for which they dressed up in drag.

The moral of this story? Don’t invite overgrown teenagers to adult events, nevermind how many other Acid- and Pot- heads watch their stupid 2-dimensional show.


9 responses to “South Park and LSD”

  1. Not an idiot says :

    You’re an idiot.

  2. T.J Douchebag says :

    Fuck you, you faggot. The only reason you don’t like south park is cause your to much a of a fucin moron to understand a 2-D cartoon. South Park tackles actual issues (Immigration, Aids, obesity, terrorism) and spins them with brialliant comedy that is actually able to get through to kids these days. And on top of that, in the end, the kids are always the smart ones who’s logical explinations solve most problems. So if you can’t seem to grasp a show ment for 13 year olds, fuck off and watch Fraiser you fuckin’ dip-shit.

  3. Shibaite says :

    What a fucking imbecil, ignorant prick, you probably hate south park because you are either a dam dirty nigger or a stinky fucking jew, so fuck off and go watch soap operas or shit like that, I´m actually thinking that the main reason you don´t like the best show on earth might be because your mom abused you as a child and you probably take showers with your father, so eat a fat dick and go watch some disney shit moron

  4. Kitten says :

    Someone has celebrity/success envy.

  5. Astrid says :

    South Park is a GREAT show apparently if you want to learn how to be a bigot. Or maybe that’s just who it attracts.

  6. Elijah says :

    Funny, I was under the impression that the South Park creators were some of the most highly respected satirists through out Hollywood and the entire entertainment spectrum. Apparently though, they’re just overgrown teenagers? Whatever, this is one of the most uninspired and uninteresting blogs I’ve ever been too. Maybe I should drop some acid while I read? It’s probably the only chance that “Anything and everything concerning celebs, celebrity and famous people!” has at keeping anyone entertained.

    It’s almost cute when people who have no inside ties to the industry whatsoever profess to be clued in to the industry…unfortunately, it’s just pathetic.

  7. Horpious says :

    South Park is great. One of the most unique satires out there.

    You’re an just a bitter, butthurt, dumb, oldfashioned loser. Your IQ is impossible more than 80. Go circlejerk with your other i-don’t-have-a-live-so-i-wirte-about-others q0ssipbl0Gg3rs friends.

  8. Johnny says :

    That was bigot, Astrid.

  9. 3truewords says :

    Although drug use doesn’t make you a better person it certainly has not put a damper on Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s abilities to create satirical masterpieces over and over again. They draw attention to actual issues while making people laugh. Can you do that? I don’t think so. Turns out they can have a good time and drop acid while making something of their lives while all you can do is bitch about celebrities and be miserable. Lay off and have some respect.

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