Fergie Ferguson more drug use confessions

In Rolling Stone’s Hot List issue she said that in order to explain her weight loss from drug abuse, she told her family she had builimia! And all the money she got from acting while still in her early teens, she spent on coke. From coke she graduated to Crystal Meth:

 …I graduated to crystal, and it started being more about going to
Home Depot at 4 in the morning and getting crafty at home


10 responses to “Fergie Ferguson more drug use confessions”

  1. allison says :

    she a great rapper,singer i love fergie!!!!!!

  2. anonymous says :

    Fergie needs to straighten up her act. She was great with the BEP, but now she’s got crappy songs and is acting like a slut everywhere, and using drugs as well! What is going on with this girl yo?!

  3. Arlene says :

    I love Fergie the way she signs I love the sogn Fergalicious. and that girl/boy talking trash about her than why you listen to BEP if she’s in it.

  4. ROSCO says :

    I feel Fergie ….

  5. ROSCO says :

    Oh I feel Fergie…

  6. Anthony says :

    Hey I like the fact that she is honest about it. Being a recovering meth addict, I understand the 4am Home Depot visits. I just never finished the projects until I got sober. Thnaks for being real

  7. yo moma says :

    Im doing a p.e. project on meth Im using Fergie as an example. Yay….wait dont kill me

  8. matt says :

    Damn to be a meth addict, shes the finest one ive seen damn she is fucking gorgeous dog.

  9. jennifer says :

    Im glad she came out an said that she was addicted to meth an coke . Now it gives hope for people who are addicted to get off that shit an go for there dreams….

  10. adnaan says :

    i am lil black boy in health class. i love fergie she tha best

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