2 idiots: Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

There are no divorces messier than those of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. There was much talk of lawsuits and counter-lawsuits a couple of years ago when they were divorcing and trying to iron out the custody issue.

But everything seemed to be settled until yesterday when Basinger was arraigned in court on charges that she broke the child custody agreement with Baldwin.

Among the allegations: she didn’t tell Baldwin when she would be out of town so that he could care for their daughter, she didn’t let Baldwin know when their daughter had some (unspecified) injuries — injuries that required medical help.

How nasty is this? I always knew that celebrities were the scummiest of all scummy people. But this takes the cake. Don’t these two idiots realize what they are doing to the kid? Don’t they think that somewhere in that horrible hatred they have for each other, is their daughter that has to experience that crap?

Jeez. Talk about to self-involved attention whores. God forbid that one of them should be an adult on this issue. What do you say Alec? She’s a bitch? She doesn’t tell you things about the kid? So you be the goddamn grownup and serve yourself up as an example to your child! My god! The idiocy.

And I’m sure that Alec is not the cleanest bush on the lawn. I’m sure that he’s done some pretty bad things too in this whole custody thing. That doesn’t mean that Basinger is allowed to go out of her way to bad mouth him in front of the kid or anything — I’m just saying, I guarantee you that they are both obviously guilty.

You 2 idiots: cut it out! Spare your child a little.

4 responses to “2 idiots: Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin”

  1. Daniel says :

    Take another look. This is an issue about our legal system. I’m caught in a VERY similar custudy mess. When my ex left Colorado taking our 3 1/2 year old son, leaving on me a mountain of debt, I went to the courts for help…bad Idea. I’m now living out of my truck in Southern California trying to get 3 hr supervised visits with my son (who is now close to 5 yrs old). These visits are scheduled by a $180 / hr court appointed parenting coordinator and supervised by a $40 / hr babysitter for me who then charges for a report she writes after each visit…cash up front.

    My ex had a change of heart regarding our pre-conception agreements on how we would share expenses and child rearing and decisions concerning our son. Our legal system is supporting her alienation of me and funding, through my wallet, a small army of professionally involved people with no resolution in sight. Our son is the victim and will suffer the most in the long run. What did I do to find myself so condemmed?…I trusted…my son’s mom and our system. I could go on and on… I would love to hear from anyone interested. DEK

  2. Michael says :

    Don’t blame Alec, it takes two to tango. Having been a victim of the system (a system that I thought was just and that I would have died protecting) much like Daniel (I can totally relate and you have my sympathies). One parent can decide to be treacherous (usually the mom, like Kim Basisnger violating visitation) and the father has no choice but to either fight for their child’s right to have a father (in which case he’s labeled as hurting his kids… much like this blog is doing to Alec Baldwin) or walk away form their kids (in which case he is labeled as a no-good rat). It’s a no-win situation.

    To make matters worse, the woman’s rights lobby has created a system that will not give a man a fair shake, or his day in court (without driving him bankrupt first so he can’t afford a trial). Sometimes this very system will imprison a man simply for having been a good husband and father (all the wife has to do is make an allegation of abuse and that’s enough… no proof required). When I was in my first marriage, I would never have believed that the America I knew could be so unjust. It was only during my divorce (more importantly my custody battle) that I was introduced to the totalitarian system that strips all constitutional rights away from a man if he dares hold the title “Father.” Those of you that haven’t been through it, don’t be so smug (like I once was); the divorce rate is at 65% these days so you may experience this for yourself one day.

  3. Love the children says :

    Unfortunately, these two are not the sharpest pencil in the box. But lets not blame the parties in litigation.

    They both are in need of good legal council and I am not referring to wise guy court whores like they currently have.

    Most lay persons believe divorce means get a lawyer. A typical lawyer will drag the family into the adversarial process of divorce which in every case make things worse. Whatever problems they have are magnified by the lawyers who are there only to churn up the rancor between the parties for billable dollars.

    These two are not too smart to be led by lawyers. It is the worst thing any parent can do for their children.

    The blame needs to be put on the lawyers for allowing nonsence claims and nonsence motions to be put before a court to do everything but find resolution to simple issues.

    Now just imagine if shared parenting was mandated in every divorse and the parties wee mandated to educate themselves on the damage divorce does to children ??

    Imagine if their child didn’t have to be dragged through such nonsence and the parties have lawyers who educated their clients on the truth.

    Imagine if the lawyers themselves had to be held acountable and were limited on how much money can be made when children are invovled?

    Oh , how fast things would settle.

    Ya see no money the lawyers tell their client what they have to to make the case end.

    Lots of money and they keep filtering garbage to their respective clients in order to keep the fighting going.

    The lawyers will measure the vulnerability of the clients and play up on their emotional weakness.

    Its all by design that Alec Baldwin acted out this way, its what the lawyers planned out , its what the family court system thrives on.

    The court system is depending on the general public seeing Alec Baldwins single irational phone message and rush to judgement while thinking the worse.

    They thrive on placing dought in the minds of people so we all believe Alec and Kim are such horrable people.

    We don’t knoew all the facts and the people do not know how mutilated the law system has become.

    Its time to expose the hypocracy of the judicial system being inicent here.

    We are suppose to be civilized, yet we allow this to take place while the children suffer and the lawyers make big money.

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