Larry Birkhead more douche-y moves

You might have already read my entry about Larry Birkhead trying to climb the Z-List ladder.

Today there was a further announcement that he’s sending in his lawyer into California court in order to ask the judge to order Anna Nicole Smith to return to California (from the Bahamas) and to submit to drug testing.

Again, is this a case of bad timing? Could he, perhaps, have not heard that she just lost her son? Maybe.

But I think that it is something so much worse. I think that he heard, and I think that while Anna Nicole’s star is sort of twinkling a little brighter in the media, he wants to get a little splash of light on himself. I mean, call me cold hearted and cynical, his moves are just so off in this whole matter.

4 responses to “Larry Birkhead more douche-y moves”

  1. Patrice says :

    Which one is it Larry, is Anna unfit or is she the love of your life? You are an evil man – Your Lawyer Debra Opri is an opportunist and as soon as this is over we will no longer hear from you, Virgie Arthur, or Debra Opri, good riddance, and thank God.

  2. danielle says :

    well you people are messed up!!!!!dannielynn is larrys daughter for petes sake,get over it…. DNA dont have to come back to prove it ,you can clearly see that she is his daughter. Anna wouldnt sleep with stern if she did it was because howard drugged her up that seems to me the only way he could possibility be the father. He drugged the poor woman up to control her and her money and we all know he had to have something to do with dannys death. what a rotten shame hmmm losing to people from the same family in five months and howard is there with both of them oh sorry he left annas hotel room after he injected her and made it seem he was no where around her to make it seem accidental. come on people realize this ……….YOU GO LARRY!!!!!!

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