Borat banned in England

Well not Borat himself and not by England, but the Board of Guardians of British Jews banning Sacha Baron Cohen, the man who portrays Borat (among many others, including Ali G.). Their problem is with his constant portrayal of Kazachstan as a place where Jews are thrown down the well and where women are all prostitutes.  Cohen is banned from entering any UK synagogue for six months and he is slapped with a penalty of 9,200 pounds!

Talk about ridiculousness. I say to the board: how about you get a sense of humour you bunch of idiots.


11 responses to “Borat banned in England”

  1. Mertel says :

    It is a joke you idiot! The whole ‘Board of Guardians of British Jews’ website is fake…..

  2. celebfan says :

    How dare you sir!

  3. Jay Caret says :

    Did occur to you that he may be propgating the joke?

  4. Borat says :

    Borat is good movie the banned ridiculousness

  5. Hermione says :

    Jews are cool.

  6. Jyoti says :

    The movie is a disgusting throwback to the media of stalin and hitler.
    It is banned in over 6 countries and counting…I belive in freedom of speech, so i shouldn’t be banned in the USA but it should have been boycotted!

  7. Nerdy Mac Nerd Nerd says :

    how dare you!!! i don’t belive this. i am gonna call BLERGAT on my pokemon game now. yeah. i am scared!!!

  8. Sexy Beast says :

    hi, i luv you! kiss me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Joeyy!!! says :

    Wow waw weh wah,
    its all funny i think, the americans take things too seriously. like the national anthem bit, it would’ve made me laugh my head off.
    Hi Five!!!

  10. kate says :

    borat is a crap film, not only is it insulting to many people- jews and gypses it is just a crap cheap made film . it goes past a joke, and trust me i have a good sense of humour i watch the boondocks and family guy but borat is over the top when it comes to race jokes. it should be banned

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