Nick Lachey gay picture

Fruity Nick LacheyI found this picture while browsing the People Magazine website. Now I’m not saying that he’s gay. But like come on. Look at the way he’s holding that bagel or wtvr it is he’s eating and that fresh and clean shaven look. I’m surprised that Perez Hilton hasn’t descended on this. I mean Perez Hilton is one of those gay guys that thinks everyone else is gay simply because the man is gay himself.

However, the picture is very iffy. I’m talking very iffy. I dunno. Look at that pinky up in the air.

But the man IS dating Vanessa Minnillo so what can I say? I don’t know. I just thought I’d post this picture.

25 responses to “Nick Lachey gay picture”

  1. joe says :

    your site sucks

  2. Person says :

    Gosh! Since your noticing all that “gay” crap, then your gayley observent!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Person says :

    Hate your site, your the gay one here! Dude he is HOTT! not gay, like you are!

    Now delete this darn website, #$%$^^^^&*(&*#@##$^%$## U

  4. Person says :

    FRICKING GAYWOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL SUE……….. GOSH

  5. DUCKY says :


    YO GAY!

  6. DUCKY AND Person says :

    la la la boostia i pull my pants away
    and while im satnding there pull down my underware

    If your an old fart you’ll know this song

  7. DUCKY AND Person says :

    ur gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tania says :

    nick ur’e sooo sexiiieee i love u more than vanessa does

  9. Baby Duck says :

    Yea …well how about …he’s not gay and you are the biggest DOUCHEMACOCK ever?? That sounds much better you FAGGOT!

    Much Love

    the Baby Fuckin Duck

  10. celebfan says :

    No. He’s gay.

  11. Babii says :

    You are the one that is gay.
    He has to be the hottest celeb of his age.
    His SMILE and his EYES!!!!!!
    You really need a life

  12. sf says :

    You have got to be kidding me.

  13. sean says :

    what the fuck. Ya, of course…the way people hold food determines their sexual orientation…are you fucking serious?

  14. Mike says :

    Okay, then. What I would like to know is how would a NON-gay person hold something if that is the way a “gay” person holds objects. That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life…EVER!

  15. terp says :

    Get a new hobby…or better yet, try to prove Nick is gay by walking up to him and grabbing his crotch- that way he can punch the crap out of you and we don’t have to…

  16. bob says :

    haha..your gay he is fine and by him just eating a dang pretzel doesnt mean he is gay.go fly a kite in canada=]

  17. Sergej says :

    Oh that’s fine! 🙂

  18. Dewey says :


  19. Person says :

    Okay,First of all i know what a gay person:looks like,sounds like,and what they do.If you think he is gay than that is fine,don’t try to make everyone else believe that he is gay by adding this stupid picture on here assuming that he is “Gay”.Second of all how can he be gay if he was married to Jessica Simpson and dated Vanessa Minnillo?People don’t just change over night you know?I think that’s a little ridiculous that your assuming he’s gay because the way he is holding a damn bagel,and his pinky finger is not even in the air.I don’t know what you saw but you don’t even have to look closely at that one,and just because he shaved doesn’t mean he is gay either.He could have shaved for many reasons.So i’m coming to think that because you are criticizing Nick Lachey of being gay,that you are gay and you just want other people to think you are cool by calling a hott ass actor “Gay” when he isn’t.You need to get your facts straight before you assume things.

  20. raymond says :

    Nick you are one hot guy and i hope you will one day come out to your fans as I love you regardless but will u please just cum out

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