Tom Green is a Z-List celeb who seems to be slipping lower

Tom Green broke his leg the other day while filming a skateboarding stunt for his internet talk show. Tom, Tom, Tom. Do’nt you know that you are like 48 now? Skateboarding is not for you. Stop it. Your life as a shticky no-talent is over. You’re just a no-talent and a non-celeb at this point. Get a real job, come on. Stop torturing us.

And just in case this broken leg was a new level of shtick-stunts on Tom Green’s part, I have to say, Tom: get a life.


3 responses to “Tom Green is a Z-List celeb who seems to be slipping lower”

  1. Justin says :

    so if tom has no talent at all but his own show then whats that make you the guy who hates tom yet knows the second he breaks his leg and makes a report on it… if he wasnt popular how did you manage to find out he broke his leg nobody would even know if you died

  2. Gabe says :

    Without Tom Green, there would be no “Jackass”, or any of the other “shock humor” shows out there. And the man is ALWAYS re-inventing himself. His “New Tom Green Show” was a throwback to the old Tonight Show, and Ed McMahon even came on the show and said as much. The humor was reminiscent of Ernie Kovacs, and the network just didn’t get it.
    Tom’s Internet show has a large fan base. The problem is, there is no staff, so Tom has to do everything himself. But he’s WAY ahead of the curve with that show. Who else is doing a five-camera HD talk show from their LIVING ROOM? I predict the guy will be making some major noise in the future.

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