Fergie Ferguson is hot

Fergie FergusonI say this after all the recent hubbub sorrounding Fergie’s new record. Recently we found out that she used to be a Crystal Meth addict and that she would like to occasionally play for the other team (revealing a depressing attraction to Dita Von Teese — why couldn’t she pick like Uma Thurman or perhaps Angelina Jolie?)

So to begin with, in the looks department I would give her a 6.5. This mainly has to do with the fact that she is kinda mannish looking. You got that strong chin, those muscular legs, and the broad shoulders… It’s almost scary. But still she’s kind of hot even with all the baggage.

She doesn’t have the figure of a celebrity, since despite all the dancing and hopping around she still has a bit of a gut and she’s way muscular. I’m sure that she’s not fat. She just doesn’t have the waifish physique of Paris The Attention Seeking Skank Hilton. That’s +2 points for that. Then she’s a dancer which earns another +0.5.

Her revelation about lesbianism earns her a +3.0, but the revelation about Dita Von Teese earns her a -1.0, for a total of +2.0 in the lesbianism department.

And finally, for being real about her drug addiction — speaking frankly and then cautioning others (especially kids) about the evils of the whole drug culture — she gets a +3.5 for being a positive celebrity role model (within reason of course: I’m not a big fan of that recent record); the most important thing is that she speaks out and speaks frankly. That is what the 3.5 is for.

Anyways, so to sum it up we have 6.5 + 2.0 + 0.5 + 2.0 + 3.5 = 14.5 out of 10 which makes her officially a hottie!

10 responses to “Fergie Ferguson is hot”

  1. fernando says :

    hello my name is ferdinand my mail is k666_connell@hotmail.com se you later

  2. Brian says :

    LOL Just cus she could beat you & your boyfriend down doesnt make her mannish. I always thought it was a guys dream for the girl of their dreams to play with girls granted I have no idea who this other girl is that is said to have played with fergy but so what. Do you like blondes that have no body & skin & bone like Paris or Nicole Richie? There nasty & while I would probably choose Britney even with a shaved head or Christian over Fergy I hardly think she’s remotely a 6.5. Dont be jealous just cus she wouldnt give either of us the time of day just accept it & move on.

  3. Laura says :




  4. DEMATRIUS WARD says :


  5. chantell says :

    love her shes effing rocks.

  6. matt says :

    faggot boy she mine

  7. gaston says :

    estoy enamorado de estas chica!!!

  8. Connor says :

    I just love here in the commercial for pepsi. Now i can se a lot more such a pretty girl just dont fit in…. But its wonderful to see her irresisteble.

  9. Connor says :

    Her happy face in the camera is beutiful to se just like all the other hearts that i see during a day. Mayby not so lucky but all of them are natural and some of them are trying to get famous. My mission in life is to be there for my sweet children and give them unconditional love so they wont suffer from that as long as a i be around. And during this time i will watch over many children and interfere when ever i see a potential threet. I have experiensed the press about Maddie and i cannot see my self as a looser to give her up. I will not give up until she is found and still there are children that i cant secure in my nearence tho i work many hours. When i here them i like to be there protector but then they disappear. I have my sisters youngest daugter that has been to the doctor and she have talked to grandfather ( my father) about this. To day he told me and im very angous to here her opinion and talking over this. She is my heart and i havn’t seen them for a while.

  10. CJ says :

    I give her a 7.5 out of 10.

    Her face kinda sucks without make-up. And she needs to put the weights down and run a little.

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