Paris Hilton arrested for drunk driving

This past night, Paris Hilton was pulled over in Hollywood, arrested, and charged with Driving Under the Influence, after blowing a .08 in a breathalyzer. Cool. I mean. Sad.

Anyways, cops pulled her over (in her Mercedes McLaren) after they noticed her driving erratically. After pulling her over, they noticed signs of intoxication, and proceeded to administer the breathalyzer.

So they took her in. Shortly after her sister Nicky came by and bailed Paris out. According to what Paris told TMZ, she had 1 margarita during some kind of charity event and had had nothing to eat all day.

Riiiiiight… Sure Paris! I believe that she probably wasn’t wasted. A ditzy blonde like her doesn’t need alcohol to be out of it, she just needs a cellphone, a mirror, and a case of makeup.

6 responses to “Paris Hilton arrested for drunk driving”

  1. nooz hounds says :

    HEY! I loooooove Paris, but sometimes I don’t. You know what I mean? Its like, “Paris, get a grip!” But sometimes its like “Paris, you so crrraaazy!” Sometimes I don’t know what to think. You know? Its like she’s playing with my mind!

  2. blues clues says :

    yaddaimean? arg thats so bs… i swear — these are things u expect from a person like her… but i also heard shes realli nice =] idk wat to believe these days… RUMORS like big time…

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