Jessica Simpson is worth how much!?

Today it was announced that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson will be dividing her fortune. Not equally, but above the $1.5 million she offered him initially. However, I was deeply disturbed to find out that Jessica Simpson’s estate was only worth $36 million!

I would think that with all the ass-shaking and concerts and hair-product lines and perfumes she would be at least worth a cool $150 million!! But no. Only a measly $36 mil… 😦 That’s sad.

Nick isn’t going to get exactly half according to sources, but he will get more than the initial offer of $1.5 million.

Apparently the $1.5 million was proposed by Simpson’s dad who didn’t think that Lachey would fight the offer, but fight the offer he did (Lachey). And screw the dad, what does he think? That it’s easy to be a himbo?? No!

And Lachey isn’t doing too badly for himself, I recently stumbled some pictures online of him and his new girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, follow this link (but beware it’s 18+).

3 responses to “Jessica Simpson is worth how much!?”

  1. jan says :

    Hah. Well you know she got all her deals for perfume and stuff and hair extensions after they divorced so all the big money is just rolling in .. 8o)

  2. celebfan says :

    I guess, but still. She should be a gazillionaire. I guess it’s her famous dad with his famous graspy hands. I bet you he bought himself a golden bible and a corvette in the faint shape of a cross with her money. What a douche that guy is.

  3. jaen says :

    lol! Her dad is a real strange guy.. Ican bet that she broke up with lachay because of him. He just seems like that kind of guy!

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