Everyone is afraid of Kimora Lee Simmons

She is pretty scary. Just look at her name and the names she kept. According to gossip about the VMA afterparties, when Kimora came into an exclusive club for an after-party with her entourage Russell Simmons’ new girlfriend Denise Vasi had to be quickly ushered out through a side door.

Can you imagine that? They hid her? Like Anne Frank. I’m not surprised if she ended up in some sort of closet huddling under a sack of potatoes. Like who the hell is Kimora Lee Simmons and why the hell is Russell Simmons so afraid of her. Let’s compare:

Denise Vasi vs. Kimora Lee Simmons

(Denise Vasi vs. Kimora Lee)

Well it’s hard to judge which is better, all I know is that Russell Simmons is one lucky bastard and that Kimora Lee is a real c-word (for a woman’s genitals).

2 responses to “Everyone is afraid of Kimora Lee Simmons”

  1. kimberley says :

    this is completely false. the daily news reported this… and was lieing. the worst lie they told was to say the guy who owned the restaurant took Denise Vasi outside, but that guy is Noah Tapperberg and is actually Denise’s boyfriend. they left to go to his club Marquee for another vma event. DUH! check your sources
    read here

    http://url.removed.due.to.spamming. until.author.replies.to.my.comm3ntz. com

  2. celebfan says :

    Hm. There’s absolutely nothing in the url you supplied about what I was talking about. Is this called trolling or spamming or whatever? Interesting.

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