Mel Gibson — I love him

TMZ has discovered more data on Mel Gibson drunk driving debut. Allegedly, just before being pulled over for driving at the speed of 87 mph (in a 45 mph zone) with a blood-alcohol level of 0.12, he said the following to the valet upon leaving the restaurant at which he was getting hammered (Moonshadows in Malibu): “I’m f**ked up!”

Apparently so, Mel! But that’s not all. InTouch has gleaned pictures of that night and of Mel Gibson’s gradual inebriatedness:

Mel Gibson grandfather glasses

See those Grandfather Glasses? He’s practically a 100 years old. But look at that sly look on his face looking up at God, he must be thinking: “Dear Lord, why did you make me so good looking, and so inebriated? And why did you put these hot chicks on my arm? Why are you tempting me my God? Is it because you want me to show all these Jews that Mel Gibson can party?! Well I won’t let you down my Lord. Never!”

And here’s a picture from later on in the night:

Meg Gibson drunk off his ass

And now he’s like thinking: “*burp* Oh God. This’ll show those damn Jews. Come on girls lets go egg a Synagogue and then on to my house for some sexy dancing in my Nazi pyjamas!”

He’s a real party animal that Mel Gibson.

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