Mel Gibson entered rehab!

Star Magazine has reported that Mel Gibson has entered rehab. Alcohol rehab. How about idiot rehab? Shouldn’t he enter that? Maybe apologize to some Jewish people? Nah. He’s fine.

Why idiot? Well here’s an item — 2 years ago he was interviewed on Primetime, and here are some gems of what he said:

On his supposed anti-semitism: “for me it goes against the tenants of my faith to be racist in any point.”

On drinking and driving: “Sometimes I used to drive inebriated, this is at the height of careless stupidity and when you think of that kind of insanity, I look back at that now and go what was I thinking.”

So is he an idiot? Because he’s an actor! A pretty boy who has probably never gone to college, probably got ridiculous marks at school, probably has not given a minute’s thought to world issues, current affairs, or anything else.

But, nevertheless, he’s now supposed to be a qualified member of Mensa because he has a billion dollars. He has opinions on religion, Jewish people, he talks about this, about that, about how the world is supposed to be… But he is like 60 years old and he STILL can’t kick his alcohol habit!! 60! Alcoholic. Drives drunk. Talks about Jesus Christ and his wonderful faith. Is there anything wrong here? Well, not really… Most celebrities are idiots. Some are just worse than others.


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