Fat John Travolta

John Travolta gave a newspaper interview in which he said that he loves his love handles and a jelly roll or two, but he doesn’t mind and his wife loves it.

This is a tiny little gossip thing, so who cares, right? Well no! You won’t get away with it Travolta!

You’re fat, and it’s not that you love your fat, it’s that you’re lazy. You’re a lazy scientologist that can’t get off your fat ass long enough to get to a real airport when you need to travel, so you had to build an airport right on your own property and to fly your own airplane (probably because you’re too fat to fit into a regular seat).

Movie viewers & your fans expect just ONE THING from you. Stay good looking. That is why they pay so much money for various crap you put out — because you are good (or WERE) good to look at. So how much of a traitorous bastard you are now to say that you can stay fat and you don’t care who knows it. You summinabitch! Cut out the bacon and pancakes fatso.


5 responses to “Fat John Travolta”

  1. sally hothorn says :

    I think that he is okay

  2. sally hothorn says :

    I think that John Travolta is Okay. But he needs to visit Dearborn Michigan this December!

  3. sally hothorn says :

    I think that John Travolta is Okay is is HOTT! THOUHGH IN THE FACE!!!!

  4. jennifer says :

    I do not believe john travolta is gay, there is an explaination for the picture, things are not what they always appear to be. it may be for gay rights which he supports. And getting fat, it’s an age thing and italian. I was very thin in my youth and very beautiful better than all the rich and famous but at 58, the looks go out the window and so does our figues. He is still travolta, how vicious. And jett his son my uncle and then my uncle son died of the same condition, it an italian thing they get, will not go into detail. I hope he has long life and him and his wife get threw this and there daughter as she lost a brother. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  5. you have to be kidding me says :

    I’m going to start by saying, I’m rather skinny, and that this is completely rude. AND NOT JUST TO JOHN (so called gay) TRAVOLTA! Your basically being rude to ALL OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE! and its normally not there fault, and maybe he does like being chubby, whats so bad about that? and when people are rich, they buy things they don’t necessarily need, but don’t we all? you have the right to voice your opinion, i understand, but you need to grow up and get past your stupid little hatred.

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